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Elvis The Movie - My Thoughts

I waited to write this until most of my friends had actually gone to the theater to watch the movie themselves. Before the movie was released, I watched and read little press on this film. I wanted to see it blindly without any sway either way. June 21st, I went to see the film for the first time. It was a small audience for the advanced screening. A quiet and respectful crowd. The minute Austin hit the screen, I had goose bumps from start to finish. Not just because of his uncanny resemblance but his presence, his energy, you could just feel it. This young actor put his heart and soul into learning Elvis in every way. Especially in the way, a truly gifted actor much like a Daniel Day Lewis who becomes his study. Austin isn’t creepy or cheap like most ETAs are thought of. And no disrespect to ETA’s because many are not that. They actually are amazing Elvis fans. But I say this because I see a lot of comments about ETAs and Austin. Please don’t compare these men. Austin is an