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Betty Harper pays tribute to Joe Moscheo through her beautiful art work

Betty Harper For more information on Betty's amazing artwork, please visit her site  here

Margie Singleton sings Your Old Love Letters and Everybody's Somebody's Fool 8/30/61 (VIDEO)

Pet Milk Grand Ole Opry, August 30, 1961 "She records for the Mercury people. And Shelby, her little husband, 290 lbs of dynamite, ha...little. He said he would love to have Margie as a guest on the Grand Ole Opry show"

Joe Moscheo was a big part of both Elvis' and my life says Priscilla Presley

Joe Moscheo and Priscilla Presley Photo Credit - Elvis Info Net Upon hearing of Joe's passing, Priscilla took to her facebook page and released this official statement. "We have lost another close and dear friend who was a big part of both Elvis's and my life, Joe Moscheo. Joe was a member of the Gospel group, The Imperials, who toured with Elvis and appeared with him on stage in Las Vegas ect. from 1969 to 1972. He will be missed within our group and with his very close friends that he has made from all over the world. It won't be the same not seeing him at many of our events at Graceland or talking with him on the phone about his dream of going to his place in Italy to paint. May you rest in peace, Joe. We all love you." Priscilla

Ashley Campbell releases first single for her daddy, Glen Campbell

Glen Campbell's daughter, Ashley, has released her first single, and it's about her relationship with him as he succumbs to Alzheimer's disease. Ashley Campbell says she's played the song "Remembering" for him, but he doesn't understand it's about him. The last public concert her father attended was one given by Ashley Campbell and her brother. They played "Remembering" and the place was quiet after it was over. She says her father stood up and said, "That's a good song!" Source:AP