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Graceland Protesters Recap - Must See! (Videos)

Here are some of the Memphis protests from last summer. This first one proves it all. This lady wants to go to the Graceland Vigual . No, that is NOT a misspelling! How do you want to go to the public vigual when you can't even say it correctly? She then tracks down "Graceland Security" and HAPPENS to know his name. His expression is PRICELESS! But I also understand he is in a difficult position. He is a PROFESSIONAL! And we ALL love him! Many protesters are peaceful but some are agitators. Listen to some of the comments, "White Devil" , "White Boy" . Some get right in the police officers face and even put hands on them. The police remain calm. God bless them for protecting the city of Memphis. Some of these young people protesting will one day be community leaders in Memphis and they have legitimate concerns. We understand that. A sick child held up on the bridge during the protest. This is just heartless