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Lucille Ball talks about how her Dental fillings led to the capture of Japanese spies (VIDEO)

Dick Cavett - Lucille Ball fillings from Altab on Vimeo . I was watching Lucille Ball on the Dick Cavett show and she told this story about having lead fillings which picked up radio stations and even morse code! Ball says she told studio security about it and that lead to the discovery of an underground Japanese radio station and the capture of spies. In the article below, it seems many disbelieve this story and even those close to Ms. Ball say it was made up.  But here it is, in Lucy's own words. Check it out!  Aside from that, check out Lucille Ball's outfit, she's true Hollywood. She is a STAR! And we don't have those anymore. CLASS! As Lucy tells the story, the events took place in 1942, when she was filming Du Barry Was a Lady with Red Skelton at MGM, during the early days of American involvement in World War II, when residents along the Pacific coast of California lived in dread fear of an imminent attack by the Japanese (especially after a Jap