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Elvis Presley to Linda Thompson - We fooled around and fell in love

It's the summer of '72,  Elvis and Linda are sun tanning high above the Las Vegas strip on the balcony of Elvis' suite. Elvis squeezes her hand and says, " You know what we've done, don't you?" Linda asks, "What?" Elvis replies, " We fooled around and fell in love." Mercy! Can you imagine? Right away this 1976 song kept playing in my head ALL DAY! 22 years old, high above the Vegas strip with the king of Rock N Roll holding your hand.... and he is saying this to you. Can you picture it? Elvis was SMOOTH! Linda continues by asking Elvis, "We have? " Elvis responses, " Well, at Least I have." I related this song to the story and was disappointed to find out the song by Elvin Bishop wasn't released til 1976. "Fooled Around and Fell in Love" is a single written and performed by blues guitarist Elvin Bishop. It appeared on his 1975 album Struttin' My Stuff and was release