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Leo Sayer Singer/songwriter CLAIMS to have spoken to Elvis Presley just before his death but....

British-born singer-songwriter musician, and entertainer, Leo Sayer claims to have been the last person Elvis Presley spoke to. But here is a few problems: 1. Huntsville to Memphis is NOT ACROSS the bridge , it is actually 3 hours and 39 minutes away. 2. He goes on to say Elvis called him that night and said come to the house tomorrow and we'll make music, How could that be since Elvis was going on tour that day?  3. Then he goes to talk about David Foster and his WIFE GINGER ALDEN, Elvis' last girlfriend and they wanted to have dinner with him, because GINGER wanted to tell him how much speaking to him meant to Elvis and that this guy was THE LAST to speak to Elvis. He says GINGER remembers Elvis going off to bed, and he says,  of course the doctor came into it later on, but Elvis was saying, I'm going to see Leo tomorrow excited! What a load of Shite! No wonder Lorraine on ITV has the comments disabled, they must know it's shite too.  What a LIAR

Joe Walsh playing Graceland for almost 2 grand per person and bringing politics because Elvis would want that......My Rant

Joe Walsh is about to get all shook up at the King of Rock’s house! Look at those much for the SUPER 8 prices they were hyping before the hotel was built. The guitar great is set to play a residency at Graceland, Elvis Presley‘s iconic Memphis estate, as part of his 2017 tour. Kicking off Saturday, May 6, the three-day event will include a host of treats for fans, including an acoustic set, Q&A and photo ops, not to mention a tour of the historic mansion and accommodations at the newly opened Guest House at Graceland hotel. “This is something I’ve always wanted to do: Take an evening, invite an audience and just be me,” Walsh says in a statement, before going on to promise some pretty amazing things. “What you can expect is me playing music, answering almost all questions anyone would ask (except the ones that may incriminate me), a big screen PowerPoint presentation put together and narrated by me, guitar shop talk, slide guitar 101, true stories o