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Watch Elvis Presley Candleight Vigil 2019 Here!

  Fans from across the world will gather at Graceland on Thursday, August 15, to pay tribute to Elvis Presley at the Candlelight Vigil. Watch it live beginning at 8:00pm CDT/ 9 PM EST on Thursday, August 15, 2019.

Lisa Marie Presley article refers to Elvis fans as out of touch weirdos!

An article on Dlisted about Lisa Marie Presley 's new book deal refers to Elvis fans as out of touch weirdos. Why pick on Elvis fans? You want to write an article about Lisa Marie, fine. But why attack us? Have you ever met an Elvis fan? You would be lucky to call an Elvis fan a friend. Elvis fans are good, charitable people. We are people of all walks of life. And we do not judge each other, instead we celebrate the legacy of Elvis Presley by welcoming everyone into our circle whether you are a die hard fan or a curious observer. Elvis fans do not care if you are rich or poor, young or old, average or glamorous,we see past all that. We are inclusive! People could learn a lot from Elvis fans.We share a bigger bond and that is our love for Elvis Presley. Don't criticize what you don't understand, you never walked in that man's shoes. In this current culture, this would be considered bullying and prejudice. But Elvis and his loyal fans have always been the target of

Petula Clark didn't find Elvis Presley attractive?

Elvis Presley, Petula Clark, and Karen Carpenter. Back in 2016, I wrote about Petula Clark talking about her encounter with Elvis Presley backstage with Karen Carpenter of The Carpenters . Clark alleges that she and Carpenter dodged a threesome with the king of rock n roll. Date? I say The Twelfth of NEVER! You can read that story by clicking HERE . Anyway, today she's gone a step further while speaking with The Guardian . Clark tells the story once again this time adding that Elvis himself spread a rumor that he did in fact engage in the encounter with the two women. We all know how Elvis felt about rumors . But if you need a quick reminder.... Clark then claims she didn't find him attractive. Although she also says, it was at a time when Elvis was at his best. So let me get this right, Elvis...Elvis Presley at his best but nah, not for her? So ladies, are we believing she didn't find Elvis, Elvis Presley, THE King of Rock N Roll attractive? C

Shady Ladies of Music City - A new tell-all Podcast from Nashville, TN starting June 4th

You know I love a good Podcast! And this time of year, I make a list of beachworthy podcasts. This podcast, Shady Ladies of Music City ,  which is hosted by Susan Nadler and Evelyn Shriver is already at the top of my list! Love country music from the 80's and 90's? This podcast is for you! "Over the course of more than forty years in the music industry, they turned unknown artists into legends, shattered glass ceilings, smoked pot with everyone, including Willie Nelson, and eventually became the first two women ever to run a country music label when they took hold of Asylum Records in 1998. Now, Susan and Evelyn are ready to share the unbelievable tales, tribulations, and backstage stories they lived through with hilarious, often brutal, honestly on the “ Shady Ladies of Music City ” podcast. Starting their careers as publicists, Susan and Evelyn moved to Nashville in the 1980s and quickly set out to flip music row on its head. Building a network of a

Lisa Marie Presley singing Elton John's Tiny Dancer as a birthday surprise for daughter Riley

View this post on Instagram For my birthday @ginagammell and @cheeseandbiscuits made me a surprise album and this song my mom made for me and my sisters surprised me at the end 😩😭❤️ video by @taylour A post shared by Riley Keough (@rileykeough) on May 30, 2019 at 5:34pm PDT

The B52's Ronnie Spector and The Ronettes headline Nashville Boogie Fest, May 23 - 26th - Buy your tickets now!

Buy your tickets today by clicking the link below: Buy Nashville Boogie Tickets