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CMT Sun Records cast impromptu Million Dollar session (video)

Oscar Party prep @TsunamiGrind @DrakeMilligan @ChristianLeees — Jonah Lees (@JonahRules) February 27, 2017 Pretty Cool, HUH? Sun Records airs Thursday night at 10 PM EST on CMT!

CMT Sun Records Christian Lees on meeting Jerry Lee Lewis

TooFab's Madison Brodsky spoke with the British twin actors Christian and Jonah Lees , who landed the dream roles of Jerry Lee Lewis and Jimmy Swaggart in the series, Sun Records about stepping into the shoes of these iconic artists. “The writers did a great job,” Christian Lees, who plays Jerry Lee Lewis said. "We’re both very hard workers and we did a ton of research from watching movies and YouTube videos to reading books.” The series debuted last week with the real Jerry Lee Lewis narrating the beginning of the first scene. And because of the participation from Lewis, his wife, son and Johnny Cash's brother that the famed musicians' private stories will finally be revealed on the CMT series. It was a surreal moment [meeting Jerry] because I was literally studying and becoming the man who was standing right in front of me,” Christian told TooFab. The 21-year-old actor put his blood, sweat and tears into developing Lewis’ character, even to the ex