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Meet Leila Hauseman - An Ultimate Elvis Fan! (Our New Weekly Feature)

Leila First, I want to thank Megan for asking me to be interviewed. I am honored! 1. When did you first become an Elvis fan? Tell us about that. I was seven in  1956 when I first heard Elvis. I only heard him on the radio and fell for him. I'm a fan for life. 2. What was the first record and/or song you bought or heard? I was too young to buy my own records. My dear parents bought my HEARTBREAK HOTEL. I still have my 45'S. I treasure them to this day. 3. How was it being an Elvis fan as a teen? Best times of my young life. Most all girlfriends I had loved Elvis. We shared his movies & records together. As a girl scout when we earned money for our kitty, we had a choice of naming him King Kong or Elvis. Needless to say Elvis won Big! Being a teen and being an Elvis fan was the best! 4. Tell us about you, where you grew up, your other interests & hobbies etc. I was born in Bemidji, Minnesota. Lived on my Daddy's farm til I was two or so. Moved t

Myrna Smith - Canyon Oaks Paid

On Nov. 19 I found out the amount Myrna owed Canyon Oaks Nursing & Rehabilitation Center for November had been paid.  Diane was able to get Myrna's brother John to pay it.  I had been very upset when John took Myrna's ss payment, so I wanted to let you know about this latest development.  Prayer does work.   Carole Drexler