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Black Lives Matter Protesters promise to bring Memphis to a screeching halt Monday @ Graceland

Protesters say on Monday, they will try to bring Memphis to a screeching halt. Just as they did weeks ago on the I 40 Bridge. This time at Graceland on the night of the candle light vigil service when thousands of fans and tourists from around the world are there to pay respect to Elvis Presley. The incident that shut down the I-40 Bridge gave protesters more power than they've had in a long time. Protesters are hoping to recreate that on Monday at Graceland. Fox Memphis: Memphis Mayor Jim Strickland will now take their call and hear their demands for change. Former city councilman Myron Lowery looked at the list of seven focus areas put out by the Coalition of Concerned Citizens. The group met Thursday with Strickland about them. “The problem is that some of their requests were overly vague, too generalized, too broad and unachievable,” Lowery said. Lowry said some demands are achievable and it would only take the City a few days to hand over the dollars spent o

US Weekly confirms Lisa Marie Presley is in rehab

Lisa Marie Presley is seeking treatment for her addiction to prescription pills and has entered a rehab program, Us Weekly can confirm. Recently, she’s been struggling with painkillers. “She’s doing OK but needed to get this under control,” a source told Us. According to multiple reports, Elvis Presley’s daughter is seeking treatment at the exclusive, luxurious Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles, which costs $400,000 a month. Source: US Weekly Read the FULL ARTICLE HERE BIM: I'm still not convinced as I don't understand how US Weekly can claim a confirmation. There is no statement from Lisa Marie or her people, just "SOURCES".