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Elvis Presley - Burning Love (Viva Elvis)


Goner Records Sells A Promo Complete Elvis Presley Masters

Goner Records in Memphis, TN. has recently sold a special advanced promotional copy of the SOLD OUT The Complete Elvis Presley Masters for $ 1, 225.00 US Dollars. Someone is going to be very happy on Christmas morning!

When Eric Clapton Met Elvis

“Who the Hell’s limousine is that?” On a late July evening in 1974, that was Elvis Presley’s reaction to the sight of a long, black limo parked in front of the General Cinema in Memphis--one of Elvis’s favorite spots for personal midnight movie screenings. The limo happened to belong to another superstar rocker who had made a special pilgrimage to meet Elvis. It was up to Jerry Schilling, one of Elvis’s Memphis Mafia entourage, to remind the King that he had consented to such a visit.  “I think it’s probably Eric’s, E,” said Schilling. “Who’s Eric?” Presley asked. “Eric Clapton. You said he could come by to say hello, remember?” “Well, fine. We just don’t need a damned limousine parked in front of the theater.” Elvis didn’t normally have anything against limousines, and usually didn’t mind being the center of attention when out in public, but the movie theater was one place where he preferred to keep things low-key and extremely private. Guests had to be invited or cleared by Elv

Dec 21, 1970 President Nixon Meets Elvis Presley!

On December 21, 1970, Elvis Presley sealed his fate as the first rock and roller who got too old and joined the Man. The White House meeting between The King and Richard Nixon was the former's idea -- he'd written a six-page letter proposing the visit and asking to be made a Federal Agent-At-Large in the Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

British Soap Star To Play Sam Phillips In The Million Dollar Quartet

Stage and television star Bill Ward will play Sam Phillips in the London production of the musical Million Dollar Quartet, which will play the Noel Coward Theatre, beginning February 8, with an opening set for February 28.