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Priscilla Presley cuts ribbon (VIDEO) Thank You Elvis Fans!

Priscilla Presley talks about the new complex, Elvis Presley's Memphis with such grace and CLASS. Elvis would be proud! It's sad to see the old we know go, the good old days when it wasn't commercial but we know this is much needed to keep Elvis Presley's legacy going. We fans are so proud to see what WE ALL were part of making happen by going every year and many more than once a year.  Our continued support despite not being "founders" has paid the way for this.  But we ARE founders by being there from day one or years leading up to, faithfully! How can you make fans who can pay the 20 plus grand more important than the loyal fans who came from day one?   What would Elvis think? The public touring Graceland was told numerous times, the hotel prices would be Super 8 prices.   What a load of shite! Tourists come and go. Casual fans come and go but die hard, loyal fans come every year once, twice or even more!   If EPE doesn&#

Priscilla Presley speaks out about Lisa Marie and the girls (video)

"It’s still a very family-oriented environment for them," says Priscilla. "They’ve been with me for —- it’ll be over nine months. They’re great. They’re doing wonderful. They’re living a great life. They see both their parents and we’ll see what happens." Priscilla also weighed in on her daughter's claims that she is millions of dollars in debt and can't afford to pay the amount of spousal support Lockwood has requested. "This is very personal and we’re still going through a lot of different scenarios," Presley said. "There’s been a lot of rumors, a lot of speculation, and a lot of everything, which always goes along with these situations." "Nothing is sorted out yet," Presley said. "Everything is trying to be sorted out and done with dignity and done with care, especially for the children." Although allowed to live with Priscilla, the girls are currently under the supervision of the California Departm

Lisa Marie Presley soon to be ex - Michael Lockwood Cleared

People reports after preliminary investigations into Lisa Marie Presley‘s shocking claims that her estranged husband Michael Lockwood possessed inappropriate photos of children, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has ended their involvement without filing charges or opening an official case. “Barring any new potential evidence or information, we have concluded our involvement in this matter,” T.B.I. Public Information Officer Josh DeVine tells PEOPLE. “We have not been able to determine a crime occurred in Tennessee and accordingly do not have an open investigation.” However, DeVine also noted that the organization “never opened a formal investigation . We only embarked on an initial inquiry to determine if we could substantiate information with which to open a case.” Lockwood’s lawyer, Jeff Sturman, rejects the claims – stating that Presley’s filing does not accurately reflect the situation. “Mr. Lockwood and his lawyers believe that it is very unfortunate and inapp