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New Limited Edition Elvis Barbie

She has vintage Priscilla Presley hair, and her clothing style is 52 years old, but "Elvis Barbie" is brand new. With her familiar posable body, Barbie is decked out in the famous gold lamé suit designed for Elvis by Hollywood tailor Nudie Cohn. It became one of Elvis' signature looks and the cover of his 1959 album 50,000,000 Elvis Fans Can't Be Wrong. Elvis later declared the suit was too hot to wear on stage and wore the jacket with black slacks. The Barbie version of Elvis is being released in early July, and Graceland has ordered 250 of the $34.95 collector dolls from toy maker Mattel. "We anticipate they will be here by the weekend, and we will immediately post on when the shipment arrives," said Graceland spokeswoman Alicia Dean. Graceland marketing vice president Scott Williams said Elvis paid $10,000 for the gold lamé suit. The tailor, flamboyant Russian immigrant Nudie Cohn, also was widely known as tailor to singer Hank Williams, Ro