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Priscilla Presley's bodyguard takes down autograph hound - VIDEO

by Megan Murphy I have said this a million times before, Priscilla Presley is the CLASSIEST lady in all of Hollywood , maybe even the world! Watch as this autograph hound gets upset with how Priscilla's bodyguard positions his photo for her to sign. He goes on to tell the guard, "Don't touch my stuff, you damage my stuff, I'm going to damage something of yours." The guard calmly says, "No, you're not!" It then escalates, and Priscilla the classy lady that she is, tries to mediate the situation, but the guy begins to flip out and Priscilla's guard takes him DOWN! You can hear Priscilla yell, "Hey!" and "Oh My God" as she looks on. But there still are eager fans waiting for her signature. So the professional she is, Priscilla resumes signing for fans. But you can clearly see she is visibly shaken. Ms. Presley continually turns around to check on the situation looming in the background. Although the a

Nick Adams daughter - Allyson Adams special guest @ Elvis Week 2012

Allyson Adams , daughter of actor Nick Adams , will share stories during the 2012 Official Elvis Insiders Conference from her father's new book that spotlights the time he spent with Elvis in 1956. Elvis was filming his first movie in Hollywood, "Love Me Tender," when he introduced himself to Nick Adams, who was a struggling actor and part of the "Rebel Without A Cause" gang. Nick was infamous for writing about his famous friends and now Allyson Adams has published her fathers' posthumous, unedited manuscript, "The Rebel & The King." The new book is an inspirational portrait of a spiritual Elvis and describes Nick Adams’ whirlwind eight days in Memphis during the famous performer's Tupelo Homecoming in the summer of '56. The Elvis Insiders' Conference is a full-day of special programming including featured guests, videos, and more. Other confirmed guests include: Jerry Schilling, Egil "Bud" Krogh, Tom and Billie Per

Elvis & Priscilla Presley - Dynamic Duo on Today Show

Click on photo to enlarge Elvis and Priscilla Presley were featured as part of a trivia question on the Today Show this week. The question was based on Dynamic Duos! Elvis and Priscilla was not the correct answer! The answer was Lucy and Desi Arnaz . Lucy was actually 6 years older than Desi . When they married, they fibbed on their marriage license, stating Lucy was 3 years younger and Desi was 3 years older , making them the same age! Regis Philbin and Kathy Lee Gifford Earlier this week, Regis Philbin co-hosted the 4th hour of NBC's the Today Show with Kathy Lee . Reg was filling in for Hoda . Regis and Kathy Lee co-hosted The Morning Show and later known as LIVE! with Regis and Kathy Lee on ABC for 15 years! They received 11 Emmy Nominations ! It was great seeing this dynamic duo back together again. It would be nice to have Regis back on tv daily either on the Today show or even better, get rid of that Piers Morgan , and put Regis in Larry K

Lisa Marie Presley @ the Fine Line Cafe

Click on photo to enlarge Lisa Marie Presley performed at the Fine Line Cafe in Minnesota, MN on June 19th. Our friends Chuck & Diane met Lisa after the show and sent us this photo. Over Chuck's shoulder, you can see Lisa's husband, Michael Lockwood. Opening for Lisa Marie was Tim Mahoney , a former contestant on NBC's The Voice . Chuck says they were really impressed with Lisa's new CD and her performance. He says Lisa has really improved since her last tour 7 years ago and all for the better! Chuck brought along some photos from Lisa's 1997 appearance at Elvis The Concert for her to sign. They chatted about Memphis and Lisa told Chuck, she'll see him in Memphis this august;) Chuck said Lisa Marie was a delight to meet, very friendly and talkative despite the fact that her people were telling her, her kids were acting up in the car outside. And as with all of her shows before, no photographs were to be taken during her performance. Chu

Memphis' National Civil Rights Museum Renovations

It's been 21 years since the door's first opened at the National Civil Rights Museum in the Lorraine Motel. For the first time since then, the museum is about to get some upgrades. The number one renovation will allow visitors to actually walk down the balcony where Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated. Balcony access will begin in November, but will only be open for 13 months. "We need to broaden our capacity," says Gwen Harmon with the museum. "While we can't change the footprint necessarily, but we are redeploying the space so we can free up more public space, expand our auditorium, or our orientation theatre, expand that we have that big room we have for our facility, use, so more people will be able to use it and have access."

Ancient Greek statue proves Elvis lived 2,000 years ago!

Click on image to enlarge Elvis' hair stylist and friend - Larry & Shira Geller sent this note the other day: Larry and I saw a travel show about Eastern Turkey, and when they showed a group of ancient statues...we both said OMG, that's Elvis! He found this on line - check it out for yourself. Very cool.

Lisa Marie Presley speaks about Elvis Hologram - VIDEO

Can't wait for the inevitable Elvis hologram? Well, Fuse recently sat down with the King's daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, and she says that while a concrete plan for Hologram Elvis isn't in place at the moment, when it is they'll be ready. "It was a business decision to get the rights to it," she says of obtaining her father's hologram likeness. "There's no actual plan yet, it's just the creative control over it if it does come to fruition." Lisa also opens up about working with famed producer T-Bone Burnett and her upcoming album, Storm & Grace.

Lisa Marie Presley @ the Gramercy theater NYC - VIDEOS

Awesome video footage of Lisa Marie performing in NYC last week!

Jake Shimabukuro - Ukulele Hero

From his web site: It's been a defining year for "ukulele hero" (Rolling Stone) Jake Shimabukuro . He's performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live !, Rolling Stone Live ( ), A Prairie Home Companion ( ) and CNN's The Next List ( ). On October 2nd, Shimabukuro's most ambitious record to date, entitled 'More Ukulele,' will catapult his career even further. Jake is in the studio with Alan Parsons , engineer of the Beatles' 'Abbey Road' and Pink Floyd's 'Dark Side Of The Moon,' working on an album that will not only take him to the next level, but will redefine the ukulele itself. The release will be followed by a 30+ date US tour. On the new LP, Shimabukuro will infuse his "buoyant musicianship and brisk proficiency" (NY Times) with the rock and roll technique that has earned him the title of "Jimi Hendrix of the ukulele" (Gu

Lisa Marie Presley - Not Bad, Not Her Dad says the NY Post

‘It’s a short set,” Lisa Marie Presley apologized from the Gramercy Theatre stage Thursday night. “I want to drag it out.” Presley wasn’t kidding. Backed by a tight five-piece band, she played just 10 songs — her new album, “Storm & Grace,” has 11 — and between songs, and sometimes during them, she looked unsure about what to do with herself, seeming happiest when keeping time with a mini-tambourine (on “Over Me”) or hitting tom-toms with mallets (on “Un-Break”). Presley’s nervousness is understandable, simply because she is who she is. Being Elvis’ daughter is a lot to live up to on any stage, even at a smaller show at a venue like the Gramercy, which has room for 500. Dave Alloca/Starpix Lisa Marie Presley bears an unmistakable vocal resemblance to her father—and has solid songs to work with—but displayed little of his stage presence at her Gramercy Theatre show. As expected, a fair number of showgoers — particularly European visitors — were there to genuf

Lisa Marie Presley - Q & A

 Q: So you're living in England now. Please tell me you live in a manor house with liveried footmen, like on "Downton Abbey." A: I don't. It's one of those conventional thatched-roof houses. They say it was a medieval house. I don't know what that means, but it's very interesting (looking). Q: Could you have made this new album if you hadn't moved to England? A: I could have made it, but it wouldn't have turned out the same. ... It took somebody not pushing me — giving me the space to do what I want — and I ended up doing the right thing. That's kind of what happened. I was set up to write with so many different writers, from pop to rock to electronic to just whatever — given so much freedom — I just wound up embracing what I should have embraced. Q: Was there a point in your life when you thought you might not make another album? A: I thought that a while ago. Then I thought, maybe if I just get drastic and change ev

Lisa Marie Presley hangs up on radio host who calls Elvis FAT - Listen

Download: 6-15-12-lisa-marie-01.mp3 Well, Lisa I guess I understand why you sometimes seem standoffish and guarded. It's ignorant people like this who use your family name to create attention for themselves. That is, attention they would not get otherwise! Click the play button above to hear the interview. The comments were completely disrespectful, and as Elvis would say, "damaging to my little daughter (LISA), to my father, my friends, everyone on stage and to you. (THE FANS)" But rest assured 35 years after this toad (and the many others who use the Presley name for their own benefit) have left the earth, NO ONE will remember them. The interview starts off with Lisa Marie talking about her new album and then admits to listening to the Elvis channel on SiriusXM . The host then asks if she sees Elvis in her dreams, and listen to her answer for yourself, interesting.. if only

$10 Cover charge for Beale St?

The Beale Street Merchant's Association is considering charging cover to get onto the street on weekend nights between April and October . Tentatively, the charge would be 10 dollars, but you get nine back in vouchers to use for food, drink or cover. Ty Agee with the Merchant's Association estimates, on busy nights, roughly 1,000 people come to Beale and don't spend any money at all. "We want people to come down here. It might get rid of somebody that doesn't want to spend any money and just hang out all night long and not do anything. Maybe make some room for someone that could," says Agee. Locals and tourists didn't seem too bothered by the cover charge, as long as $9 of the $10 would come back to them. The Beale Street Merchant's Association says the idea is under serious consideration right now.

Stax - Soulsville historic Memphis Neighborhood Renovation

Lisa Marie Presley in the News - Updated Daily

Lisa Marie Presley is all over the news with the release of her new album. Rather than overload our site with LMP news, we'll add links to news stories here daily. We know we have missed a few, so if you have a link to an interesting creditable news story regarding Lisa Marie, please send us the link by email or via the comment box. MOST RECENT to OLDEST : Auspicious minds revamp Lisa Marie Presley's sound Zap2it talks to former Scientologist about LMP leaving the "Church" CMT - T Bone Burnette works with Lisa Marie The Boot - T Bone Burnette helps Lisa Marie get her groove back NY Post - Rocker Presley is still alive! Lisa Marie @ Billboards  Lisa Marie Presley - Billboard Awards 2012 Lisa Marie removes all Scientology from her site - Village Voice Rolling Stone Mag Review of Lisa Marie Presley CD NPR - Lisa Marie Presley Rocks Lisa Marie Presley pays tribute to Sun - Memphis Daily News Lisa Marie Presley says so long to Scientology - Vill

Zsa Zsa Gabor - High Heel Sneakers on Shindig! (VIDEO)

I don't know about you but I needed a little Zsa Zsa fix today! Here is Hollywood's royal lady, Ms. Zsa Zsa Gabor singing High Heel Sneakers on Shindig! And one of the background singers is the one and only, Darlene Love ! Happy Friday Everyone! Enjoy your weekend! Source: Village Voice - Michael Musto Darlene Love @ Million Dollar Quartet NYC - VIDEO Elvis NEVER owned Zsa Zsa Gabor's Estate Zsa Zsa Gabor Estate to be settled out of court Zsa Zsa Gabor's daughter worries about Mom's health

A Special Thank You from Priscilla Presley & Jack Soden

It was 30 years ago today that we stood on the front steps of Elvis’ home and welcomed fans from around the world for the very first tours of Graceland. Since that first day, almost 18 million guests have walked through the home Elvis loved. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you, Elvis’ fans, for being part of this remarkable journey we have all taken together. Like you, we look forward to the future and all the great opportunities Graceland gives us to share the legacy of Elvis Presley. Sincerely, Jack Soden and Priscilla Presley BIM: As a fan who has been traveling to Memphis for over 25 years, it was very nice to get this message from Priscilla Presley & Jack Soden. It has been a long time coming. And I am happy they are finally acknowledging the fans and all their support. A simple message like this goes a long way and I am glad Elvis Presley Enterprises has decided to reach out to fans in such a simple way. So Thank you EPE!

Elvis Hologram to become a reality

The Elvis Hologram is something that has been talked about since the start of Elvis The Concert in the 90's. Patsy Andersen , formerly of Elvis Presley Enterprises first came up with the idea and tried so hard to get the concept off the ground. Many long time fan club members will remember Patsy talking about this idea the past 20 plus years. Patsy had been in talks with Disney and Touchstone films in 2003. Both confirmed this could be done. They even told Andersen they could have Elvis himself hosting the daily tours at Graceland . How awesome would that be? And imagine, we could have had this 20 years ago, if only Patsy Andersen 's concept had been seriously considered. Patsy said when she pitched it to EPE, they said it was too expensive at the time. We spoke with Patsy this morning exclusively. Patsy told me, "I tried for 20 years from the start of the concept of Elvis The Concert to the day I left Elvis Presley Enterprises to make this a reality. I wanted t