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Lisa Marie Presley - Q & A

 Q: So you're living in England now. Please tell me you live in a manor house with liveried footmen, like on "Downton Abbey." A: I don't. It's one of those conventional thatched-roof houses. They say it was a medieval house. I don't know what that means, but it's very interesting (looking). Q: Could you have made this new album if you hadn't moved to England? A: I could have made it, but it wouldn't have turned out the same. ... It took somebody not pushing me — giving me the space to do what I want — and I ended up doing the right thing. That's kind of what happened. I was set up to write with so many different writers, from pop to rock to electronic to just whatever — given so much freedom — I just wound up embracing what I should have embraced. Q: Was there a point in your life when you thought you might not make another album? A: I thought that a while ago. Then I thought, maybe if I just get drastic and change ev

Lisa Marie Presley hangs up on radio host who calls Elvis FAT - Listen

Download: 6-15-12-lisa-marie-01.mp3 Well, Lisa I guess I understand why you sometimes seem standoffish and guarded. It's ignorant people like this who use your family name to create attention for themselves. That is, attention they would not get otherwise! Click the play button above to hear the interview. The comments were completely disrespectful, and as Elvis would say, "damaging to my little daughter (LISA), to my father, my friends, everyone on stage and to you. (THE FANS)" But rest assured 35 years after this toad (and the many others who use the Presley name for their own benefit) have left the earth, NO ONE will remember them. The interview starts off with Lisa Marie talking about her new album and then admits to listening to the Elvis channel on SiriusXM . The host then asks if she sees Elvis in her dreams, and listen to her answer for yourself, interesting.. if only

$10 Cover charge for Beale St?

The Beale Street Merchant's Association is considering charging cover to get onto the street on weekend nights between April and October . Tentatively, the charge would be 10 dollars, but you get nine back in vouchers to use for food, drink or cover. Ty Agee with the Merchant's Association estimates, on busy nights, roughly 1,000 people come to Beale and don't spend any money at all. "We want people to come down here. It might get rid of somebody that doesn't want to spend any money and just hang out all night long and not do anything. Maybe make some room for someone that could," says Agee. Locals and tourists didn't seem too bothered by the cover charge, as long as $9 of the $10 would come back to them. The Beale Street Merchant's Association says the idea is under serious consideration right now.

Stax - Soulsville historic Memphis Neighborhood Renovation