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Zsa Zsa Gabor Spends Her 94th Birthday At Her Bel Air Home

Zsa Zsa Gabor has been released from the hospital today, and her condition was a lot worse than anyone had previously known. Prince Frederic von Anhalt says Zsa Zsa had "full blown pneumonia" and that her chances of making it were very slim. He says they gave him the option of pumping her with a lot of antibiotics or putting her on a respirator. They chose the antibiotics. He says that did the trick and as of today ... the infection is gone, her temperature is back to normal and her blood pressure has returned to normal as well. Zsa Zsa can also breathe well again and she's "back to her normal self." Zsa Zsa & Conrad Hilton Zsa Zsa Gabor (born February 6, 1917) is a Hungarian American actress on stage, film and television. She acted on stage in Vienna, Austria at the age of 15, and was crowned Miss Hungary in 1936 when she was 19.She emigrated to the United States in 1941 and became a sought-after actress with "European flair and style", with

America Remembers Ronald Reagan Today

                            Today would have been President Ronald Reagan's 100th birthday. Ronald Wilson Reagan (February 6, 1911 – June 5, 2004) was the 40th President of the United States (1981–1989), the 33rd Governor of California (1967–1975) and prior to that, a Hollywood actor. The Ronald Reagan Filmography  includes a complete list of the motion pictures and/or television screen work in which actor Ronald Reagan appeared, beginning in 1937 and ending in 1965. Reagan, born in Illinois, moved to California where he signed a contract with Warner Brothers studios in 1937. He acted in numerous films, including Love Is on the Air, Cowboy from Brooklyn, and Boy Meets Girl for the first year, and in 1938 he starred alongside Jane Wyman in Brother Rat. They married in 1940, having a child, Maureen, and adopting a son, Michael. The marriage ended in divorce in 1948. During the marriage, Reagan continued to star in flims such as Dark Victory, An Angel from Texas, Knute Rockne A