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Cowboy Jack Clement Survives Horrific Fire @ His Belmont Home

Again, please keep Cowboy and his family in your thoughts and prayers. They are still in shock but very grateful no one was hurt. Jack's daughter Alison says , " We will rebuild the house that Jack built!" Here's a recent photo of "happier times" when Cowboy was performing here in NYC two months to the day of the fire. Great smiles....great memories....and we wish much more of that for Cowboy and Aileen! L to R - Aileen, Megan, Brian B, and Cowboy @ Joe's Pub NYC  April 25, 2011 We love you Cowboy!

Michael Jackson Shirt Worn During Interview With Then Wife Lisa Marie Presley Sold!

A burgundy silk long-sleeve button front shirt customized with black silk armband on right arm, triple seven metal charms sewn onto epaulets, and eagle over unicorn crest buttons, buttons at cuffs now absent. The shirt was worn by Michael Jackson during his 1995 television interview with then wife Lisa Marie Presley and Diane Sawyer. Sold for 16,000 (without buyer's premium)

Michael Jackson's Thriller Jacket Sold for 1.8 Million Dollars!

Michael Jackson's THRILLER jacket just sold for 1.8 Million US Dollars (including buyer's premium). A man named Milton Verret from Texas bought it. He also owns Michael Jackson's BAD jacket. He intends to bring the jacket to various children's hospitals across the United States to inspire the children. It will first be displayed at Dell's Children's Hospital in Austin, Texas. This Music Icons auction took place this weekend through Julien's Auctions - THE very best Auction house! Some proceeds from the sale of this jacket will benefit The Shambala Preserve. It is at The Shambala Preserve that Jackson’s two Bengal tigers, Thriller and Sabu, have been living since 2006 when Jackson left Neverland Ranch. Shambala translates to “a meeting place of peace and harmony for all beings, animal and human.” The Shambala Preserve is under the financial arm of The Roar Foundation, Founded by Tippi Hedren in 1983. It is a sanctuary that has been rescuing big cats sinc