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Richard Simmons - Elvis impersonation and working out to Donny Osmond (Video)

Did we need another reason to LOVE Richard Simmons ? Check out this video of Richard on the Donny and Marie show . He admits to working out to Donny's Solider of Love! Richard Simmons actually does an impression of Elvis Presley ! Next Richard has the audience up and moving with Donny singing LIVE! He tells Donny how good looking he is. It's just good fun and bound to make you smile! Richard Simmons, Donny and Marie can't get more American!

Tara Thompson draws influence from her cousin Loretta Lynn

For East Tennessee native Tara Thompson, a career in country music wasn't just a career choice; it's the family business. Thompson, whose grandmother is first cousins with country legend Loretta Lynn, draws influence from her famous family member and prides herself on her traditional sound. The country great has taught Thompson many things over the years but her most important lesson is "be yourself." "We're a close family and she's given me great advice," Thompson told FOX411 Country of Lynn. "When I opened up for her one time and told her I'm putting together an album, I told her, 'Don't worry, I'm keeping it really country.' She told me, 'Don't worry about keeping it country, just be you.' And I just so happen to be really country!"She added, "Loretta told me to be as real as I can and I really took that advice because I think she's the realest person I've ever met. I get a lot of