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Nic Cage talks Lisa Marie Presley and Scientology during his appearance on Howard Stern (AUDIO)

Check out this interview from the Howard Stern show. Nic Cage walks in and interrupts comedian Chris Rock's appearance. This was Nic's first time on the show. This happened while he was just dating Lisa Marie Presley. Nic's brother, Marc Coppola actually worked as a DJ at the same FM radio station as Howard, KROCK here in New York City in the late 80's and early 90's. Fast Forward to 2:30 seconds when Nic walks in. At 4:30, the Lisa talk starts, Howard asks, What's with the Presley fascination? Robin chimes in and says, you pretty much sound like the king. Nic says, I do? People tell me that. I don't know the h$ll that's about. it's just my natural voice. Howard then asks if Nic ever brings up the Michael Jackson thing. Nic says, the only thing he heard about him was he is a very nice man. I'm not gonna badmouth Michael. Nic then says, you know what, when you get her on the show, you can ask her about Michael. And we all

Lisa Marie Presley's ex Nic Cage and wife have gone their seperate ways

Looks like Nic Cage has checked into the Heartbreak Hotel again!  Yes, Lisa Marie Presley's 3rd husband, is divorcing HIS 3rd wife. While Lisa is currently happily married to her fourth husband, Michael Lockwood with whom she has twin daughters.  Lisa's first husband Danny is father to her eldest children, Riley, an actress and Ben, a musician.  Lisa Marie's second husband was none other than the King of Pop, Michael Jackson.  Nic and wife have appeared to have gone their Seperate Ways back in January which was confirmed by TMZ. Neither has filed for D-I-V-O-R-C-E yet! Source: Megan Murphy / TMZ