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Tripadvisor rates The Guesthouse @ Graceland before it's even open!

The Guesthouse at Graceland already is a recommended hotel with a 4 star rating from Tripadvisor! That's BEFORE it's even open! WTG Graceland!!!! Still wish there were pictures of Elvis himself in the rooms since it's his money and more importantly his LEGACY that made it all possible! Many people will be a lot richer on the back of Elvis Presley. Show the man some respect with at least one picture of the man in the rooms!

Did Linda Thompson cheat on Elvis Presley with his own band member?

Linda Thompson acknowledges that she was fully aware Elvis Presley was seeing other women during their time together. For years, there has been talk that Linda, herself stepped out on Elvis with his own band member. In her book, A Little Thing Called Life, Linda dances around the subject quite cleverly. She acknowledges being sick and tired of watching Elvis sleep all day and the cheating. She talks about one day she finally left Elvis sleeping and went out during the day. It was then that she developed a friendship with Elvis' keyboard player, David Briggs. Linda admits to being attracted to David. But she says they did NOT start dating until AFTER Elvis and her relationship ended. Although through the years, others have said differently including David Briggs. Including Larry Geller catching the couple having a candle light dinner at 3 AM! David Briggs gave an interview to Alanna Nash and said he never thought Elvis would let a woman come between them. Charming, hu