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Lisa Marie Presley selling her English estate after husband ripped her off!

Lisa Marie Presley's English Estate Yes, that's right, LISA MARIE PRESLEY's English estate! Her money paid for it. Let's not be ridiculous here! Why would Lisa keep this? She moved away a few years ago! And now that she has discovered that her alleged compulsive spending husband was buying everything under the sun for himself and hiding it all in storage lockers....rightly so she would sell! “Michael Lockwood left her in a bad way both financially and emotionally and she can’t wait to unload the place!” a source close to the former couple exclusively told The National ENQUIRER. “Michael ripped her off for millions!” the source spilled. “Now she needs cash fast to get out of the hole he dug for her!” Another source reported that he was buying expensive gifts for himself, like guitars and electronics, and charging her accounts! “She discovered that he ran up a $109,000 Amex bill when she got sued!” an insider revealed. Now, Presley is so despera

Lisa Marie Presley's Estranged husband Michael Lockwood to seek FULL custody of their twins

According to Radaronline  insiders, Presley’s estranged fourth husband, Michael Lockwood, will seek full custody of Elvis‘ 7-year-old granddaughters Harper and Finley. “At Lisa’s request, child protective services was brought in to monitor the situation right after she and Michael split,” a family insider told Radar. “Now she regrets that decision because the social worker put her under a microscope and based on a negative evaluation, Lisa was sent to rehab.” As Radar reported, just weeks after Presley, 48, filed for divorce in June, she checked into The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles to beat addictions to alcohol, painkillers and other drugs. “Michael is now lawyering up to get full custody of their girls,” said the insider. “Even if Lisa Marie gets clean, Michael will argue that she’s often a disinterested and absentee parent.” When the couple was living in Franklin, Tenn. , Lockwood took on most of the parenting duties while Presley was distant, sai