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Massive fan Maura outshines Imelda May on stage in Killarney, Ireland (VIDEO)

Here's why we love Imelda!   Limerick Leader reports A YOUNG Limerick woman’s dance moves have gone viral on social media after she stole the show at an Imelda May concert. Maura Ryan , aged 26, is a massive fan of the Dublin-born rockabilly singer. The Cappamore lady, who is a member of Down Syndrome Limerick , attended the show in the INEC in Killarney with mum Mary and sister Caitriona. Maura was dressed to impress in a polka dot 1950s dress and even had her hair styled like Imelda’s famous quiff. But when the moment came to strut her stuff she wasn’t afraid to let her hair down. Imelda and Maura Maura has met Imelda at a number of concerts in the last couple of years and when the singer recognised her, she said: “We need to find a way to get you up here on stage”. Caitriona, sister, said Maura was delighted to get the opportunity to perform with her hero. She is such a big fan that she even attended one concert while her back was in a brace. “Lots o

Howard Stern praises Chris Stapleton

If you are a fan of Howard Stern , you know he is NOT a fan of country music except for Willie Nelson . But today he was raving about Chris Stapleton . Let's hope he gets Chris on the show ASAP. Anyway, here is what he had to say about Chris this morning. Howard : Ok I want to mention a guy who I had no idea, now I was watching the John Lennon tribute and like this Charlie Daniels looking (MF) was up there singing with a big belly, big ZZ Top beard, big cowboy hat. You know this guy? I'm talking about Chris Stapleton . Well, you know I was watching it and I said to myself, boy this guy is good. But I never mentioned that he was THAT good because I was like I don't know who this guy is. I've already mentioned like five people from the show. Nobody cares about it. I was like why am I talking about the John Lennon tribute show that no one cares about? Why am I bringing this up? It makes no sense. But this guy with the big belly and the beard and everything, I