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Elvis Presley's Forgotten Children - The National Enquirer 2 year worldwide investigation

The National Enquirer reported on January 8th that Elvis Presley "supposedly" fathered SEVEN children aside from his daughter, Lisa Marie Presley now 47. The gossip magazine claims they have conducted an exhaustive two-year worldwide investigation into Elvis’ missing family. And the astonishing findings have been verified by DNA tests, birth certificates, personal correspondence, check receipts and witness testimony! The Enquirer goes on to "supposedly" reveals the names and details of Elvis’ lost boys and girls. 1987 book  In MY PERSONAL OPINION, with over 26 years in the Elvis World, I personally DO NOT believe any of this! It's laughable.There are some names in this "bombshell" report that many long time fans will recognize from past scandals. Remember Lucy de Barbin and her daughter Desiree ? They published the book, Are You Lonesome Tonight? in 1987. Here's what the Enquirer says about this supposed "love child",