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Jerry Schilling talks about Elvis meeting Nixon (VIDEO) and my final thoughts - SHAME!

Here's George Klein interviewing Jerry Schilling on GK's Memphis Sounds tv show in Memphis, TN from 2009. About a minute and twenty seconds in, Jerry tells the story of Elvis meeting Nixon. It's sweet and passionate not comical. Jerry of all people could make a great historically important, serious and passionate movie about Elvis instead of satire. This meeting was so important to Elvis and I wish THAT was portrayed in movies and the media. Instead of making Elvis THE joke, Elvis' humor could have been featured. They could have had the audience laughing WITH Elvis and NOT AT HIM! We all have heard about Elvis' great sense of humor. It could have been done. Younger generations could have walked out of the theater knowing that Elvis Presley was THE COOLEST! He was not just A Rock Star, he was THE KING of Rock N Roll not a wimpy buffoon. Elvis isn't seen as a real person anymore. With EPE so focused on their hotel, Elvis is just the Mickey Mouse mascot of

Done It All - Merle Haggard Feature Film

Merle Haggard’s life may be made into a feature film. GMH Productions has optioned the script Done It All, about the life of the legendary country singer/songwriter/musician, written by Cinderella Man scribe Cliff Hollingsworth. The project, named after one of the country legend’s hit songs, was developed in conjunction with Carl Cooper, a friend who Haggard put in charge of helping to develop a movie about his life with the screenwriter. The idea for the project originally started with producer Donald Kushner, who had been talking to Haggard about a movie about his life. Kushner then approached Hollingsworth as a writer for hire, but Hollingsworth said he’d rather do it on spec. Cinderella Man was also sold as a spec and was made into a film that starred Russell Crowe as 1930s boxer James Braddock. That inspirational film ended up garnering three Academy Award nominations and Hollingsworth was nominated that year by BAFTA and the WGA for best original screenplay. The script

Elvis Presley died because he wasn't cast in 'A Star is Born'

Jerry Schilling says Elvis Presley died because he wasn't cast in 'A Star is Born' KRIS KRISTOFFERSON killed Elvis Presley. At least that's how The King's former confidante Jerry Schilling tells it. Schilling, a friend of Presley's who executive produced the new film "Elvis & Nixon," says that getting into some kind of treatment program might have brought Presley back from the abyss before his 1977 death. But missing out on the lead role of a mediocre 1976 movie was the beginning of the end for Presley. "I think that would have made a difference, but I think the major problem was creative disappointment," Schilling told us at the Tribeca Film Festival. "He wanted to do 'A Star is Born.' Barbra Streisand offered it to him. I think him not being able to work…." Shilling says that deal fell apart for a variety of reasons, one being Presley's controversial manager Colonel Parker. "I think it was the in

Elvis and Nixon box office results

These numbers are for Friday, opening day. Top ten? Nope! 18.  Thank you fellow Elvis fans!  Not much $$$$ made off making a joke of Elvis! 👍👍👏👏