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Woman robbed at gunpoint on Elvis Presley Blvd by men impersonating Memphis Police

Three fake officers pulled a woman over and robbed her at gunpoint on Elvis Presley Boulevard just after 11:30 a.m . on Monday, according to Memphis Police. Officers said the imposters drover a blue cargo van and a black Dodge Charger. Both vehicles were equipped with police lights in their front windows. Two suspects approached the woman's vehicle, and one of them grabbed the victim by her shirt sleeve. Police said the woman tried to reach for her gun in the center console, but another suspect stopped her and grabbed her Smith and Wesson handgun, her wallet, and $452 in cash. One of the suspects then pulled the victim out of her car and had her on the ground at gunpoint, according to MPD. Police said the suspects contemplated taking the victim's car, but decided to leave the scene in their vehicles instead. The victim told police all the suspects were dressed in black baseball caps with "Police" written in white letters, black t-shirts with "Poli