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Priscilla Presley fears Elvis being forgotten - Yet she is responsible for making Elvis relevant!

Meeting Elvis when I was 14 changed the course of my life. Sure, that was young, but he left Germany [where they had met] to return to the US not long after. We stayed in touch for two years before we saw each other again. He was a gentleman in all ways while we courted. My fear is that people will forget about Elvis. I feel a responsibility for keeping his legacy alive. You’ll never see his sort of stardom again. He was so authentic and, in lots of ways, innocent. What you saw was what you got. BIM:   Priscilla is right! Since EPE started the ETA shows, they have made a boat load of money but Elvis Presley's image has taken a huge fall.  He has became more of a cartoon figure than ever.  But who could blame EPE, it brings in the money. Another down fall is the fact, that there are very few main stream CD releases.  Remember waiting for a new Elvis release? Me too! It's not the same. The FTD label has been amazing for hard core fans who know where to bu