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New Elvis Tell Alls.....Fans and Facebook

OK, so I am not mentioning any names or linking to any news sites because I don't want to give attention to ANY "NEW ELVIS TELLS ALLS" from so called "FRIENDS" or so called "FAMILY". I have noticed since Facebook, SOME fans no longer care what certain people say about Elvis or projects they take part in that are negative to Elvis' image. They forget books, TV interviews, tabloids from the past. Why? Because they now are FACEBOOK FRIENDS with these people. I am so glad, I was part of the Elvis World when fans, Graceland employees, Elvis friends and family banned together and fought against any negative press or late night talk show jokes about Elvis. You don't see that today at all. The Elvis and Nixon movie was a game changer for me. So many friends would talk to me about how hurtful it was, how mad they were. I got hundreds of emails about it. So many fueled my fire. But VERY FEW would stand up publicly and say how they felt. And thei