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Mama Bear Priscilla Presley shuts down an old fool creeping on daughter Lisa Marie

Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley - Photo Credit - Just Jared Mike Walker of The National Enquirer reports… It was a hunka hunka burning old love when Priscilla Presley turned 100 shades of furious at a pal’s Hollywood party! Priscilla was on the dance floor when a fat, balding, abrasive 60-ish movie producer she’d met just moments before elbowed up — and demanded a date with her darling divorced daughter, Lisa Marie Presley!  Said My SpyWitness: “This crude old jerk was actually heard saying, ‘Priscilla, now that your daughter’s dumped her husband, how about I get a shot? She’s still pretty hot, so … how’s about you set it up?’ “ Priscilla totally turned to ice, stared the creep down — and totally flash-froze the message ‘Return to Sender’ on his chrome dome!” BIM: Mama Bear came out in full swing! I have seen that cold, dark stare of Priscilla's when a con artist tried to use her for a publicity stunt, and that stare is very cold but also very honest! Priscil