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SiriusXM - Merle Haggard Tributes

Click the link below to listen to some of the Merle Haggard Tributes featured last weekend when SiriusXM Channel 59 changed it's name from Willie's Roadhouse to Merle's Roadhouse in tribute to The Hag! SiriusXM Merle Haggard Tributes For a free 30-day trial, check out

More troubles for Westgate - Other exhibit closes, Feds probe as Elvis lawsuit still looms

Here's a closer look at the people behind Westgate who Elvis Presley Enterprises is now in legal battle over Elvis memorabilia. The first clip is from their documentary in 2012. The second clip speaks for itself. Watch as host Andy Cohen catches on to the back pedaling. His expressions are priceless. Very telling! Having seen this documentary, I was shocked when I heard EPE was going into business with them.. And I knew this would be nothing but T-R-O-U-B-L-E! Can you picture Priscilla Presley and Jackie shopping or having dinner? Absolutely Not! The Queen of Versallies vs the King of Rock n Roll Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE) Inc. filed a lawsuit against the Westgate Las Vegas Resort and Casino over hundreds of memorabilia items. EPE says that the Westgate is holding the Elvis ephemera as leverage in a leasing dispute with Exhibit A Circle, the third-party operator of the "Graceland Presents Elvis" attraction at the casino. Items include stage outfits,

Merle Haggard - PBS American Masters Outtakes (VIDEO)

In this outtake from American Masters — Merle Haggard: Learning to Live With Myself, The Strangers band members talk about Haggard’s unique and carefree performance style that always kept everyone on their toes. Haggard did not stop singing and performing until the end of his life. In 2008, he survived lung cancer and hopped back onto the stage to continue performing. In 2014, he performed at the Grammy Awards with Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson and Blake Shelton. Source: PBS