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Leah Remini talks about Lisa Marie Presley, Scientology Deaths and Suicides on her new Podcast, Scientology: Fair Game

If you are an Elvis or Presley family fan, get ready! We are about to go DEEP! I told you about Leah Remini and Mike Render's new podcast, Scientology:Fair Game . A new episode just dropped and it is about the suicide of Lisa Marie's son Ben Keough and the church of Scientology. In addition to the death of Kelly Preston. But you'll have to listen for yourself. I'm just talking about the Presley family here. This is honest and raw, not tabloid gossip. It is from Leah's and Mike's personal dealings with Lisa Marie and her family and the church. This will give you more understanding from a Scientologist member's perspective. It is an insight into the church and it's methods dealing with children, celebrity, and addiction. Alright here we go......Buckle Up! Leah refers to Lisa Marie as Lisa Presley. Leah reached out to Lisa Marie when she heard the tragic news of Ben's passing. She has not heard back as of yet. Leah wants everyone to know that their

Scientology: Fair Game - A New Podcast From Leah Remini and Mike Rinder

I love a good podcast for long days in the sun. And this came at just the right time. I have read 5 books in the last two weeks. My eyes need a rest! While searching for a good podcast, I stumbled upon this. I am very picky about my podcasts. I like True Crime and I like it sounding professional, very well researched and quality guests. This podcast checked all the boxes. In fact, I listened to the first episode TWICE so far. If you watched Leah Remini and Mike Render's show on A & E, Scientology and the aftermath , you are ahead of the game. If you haven't seen it, it is a MUST as I have said in the past . Listening to the podcast alone is not enough. So if you have not seen the show or you're diving deep here like myself, the show is streaming on Hulu . This Podcast digs a bit deeper. It's like the companion book. You need both! What is Fair Game? A term used to describe the taking care of "Threats and enemies" of Scientology. Mike Render e