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Elvis Is Alive And She's Beautiful - by Steve Barile

Steve Barile presents Imelda May with his co-authored book " Elvis - Something For Everybody". Katz Deli, NYC 7-27-11. Few singers, if any, have earned the esteemed privilege of mention along side of the truly unique versatility and individuality of the exalted one...... Elvis ! Some have occasionally sparked thoughts of comparison to my mind but invariably fall short. Upon viewing a recently released dvd, I made the discovery of the latest singer to fall victim to my comparison to The King. Miss Imelda May . The opportunity to experience her live act presented itself in the way of a concert in New York City's Central Park on Thursday past. Briefly stated, her performance was nothing short of remarkable! As the alabaster tigress eagerly saunters on stage to the hard-driving strains of good ole rock and roll, one becomes immediately transfixed. Wearing a skin-tight Batman dress (!), six inch heals and sporting a hairdo and make-up that's an extremely