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Priscilla Presley is NOT coming to Bayonne Today!

The Jersey Journal and have been reporting that Priscilla Presley was coming to Bayonne today. Their source is a so called cousin, Thomas Presley . The article goes on to say Ms. Presley is coming to speak about her "friend" local Elvis impersonator. It claims both Elvis himself & Priscilla were "friends" of the impersonator.Laughable. The Jersey Journal was so bold as to put Priscilla on the cover of their paper this week. Having been involved in the Elvis world over 25 years, I made calls to family & friends of Elvis who verified they NEVER heard of a cousin named Thomas. Secondly, I contacted sources directly connected to the estate & Ms. Presley who told me they know definitely Priscilla Presley will be ELSEWHERE today . This is not anything new. We have been seeing people use Priscilla's name to promote themselves & their businesses in the last few years. It's a disgrace. Advice to "journalists" -