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Lisa Marie Presley Rehab Rumors Debunked

Last month, The National Enquirer ran this story about Lisa Marie Presley citing a "source" who claims to have been in rehab with Presley. There always is a HINT of truth in these stories. This time I think NE got it wrong, to say the least. So I am going to jump in and try to correct the things I believe they got wrong. From The National Enquirer - Lisa Marie Presley was trapped in a living hell of sex abuse, shame and betrayal! Years of torment — including being molested by one of her famous father’s pals — finally drove her to a deadly drug addiction that the daughter of Elvis Presley is now bravely battling at a L.A. rehab center. NE: But while fighting for her life and sanity,Lisa Marie also bared darkest secrets that The National ENQUIRER has learned in a blockbuster world exclusive! A source who shared time at the facility with the   beauty has revealed Lisa Marie’s shattering revelations about her twisted childhood, including how a close pal of her le