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Geraldo Rivera - Bobby Brown is a Schmuck!

Watch the latest video at The day after Whitney Houston's funeral, Geraldo Rivera followed up on his previous comments about Whitney's ex husband, Bobby Brown. Rivera took to the air saying, "Is he the devil or am I giving him too much credit?" He also says, "He is a total schmuck! I'm sorry to say that."

Darlene Love (VIDEO) denies Bobby Kristina rumors & more

Darlene Love ( Whitney Houston's godmother) told The Today Show that there is NO truth to the rumor that Bobby Kristina was missing or doing drugs Saturday night after Her mother's funeral. When questioned, she said, "That's not true! That's not true. She was with us. She was with the family. The burial was very emotional and the best thing about that burial, it was like a procession because the people they lined the streets and we looked out the windows of the car and they were crying. And it made Cissy and Krissy feel really, really good. Everyone is getting over yesterday. Now it's a closure. And now we have to go on with life because Whitney would have wanted that." Watch the fulll interview here: Visit for breaking news , world news , and

Bobby Brown & New Edition (VIDEO) performed in Newark last night

Bobby Brown mentions Whitney again but does not address leaving the funeral in Newark the day before. Looks like the audience had a great time judging by the video above. Looks like Whitney is helping their tour, New Edition has had SOLD OUT shows since her pa$$ing.