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Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley were the REAL DEAL says Trump (VIDEO)

During a recent town hall, Anderson Copper asked Trump about his musical taste. Here is what Mr. Trump said, " Michael Jackson was actually a very good friend of mine. I knew Michael Jackson very well. He lived in Trump Tower for a very long period of time. He would go down to Mar-A-Lago. He actually got married to Lisa Marie Presley. The whole big deal at Mar-A-Lago, they were in the tower and I would tell you that he was up there one week with her and he never came down so I don't know what was going on but they got along. You know a lot of people say they really didn't.....they were up there for a week and they never ever came down. I said where the heck is Michael? But he was a very talented guy. One of the most talented. I knew him very well. I knew the real story of Michael Jackson. You know when he died, I would watch people get on, I don't want to mention names, but people that you know very well, people you interview, and they would talk ab