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Alfred Wertheimer & Barbara Gray on Access Hollywood Video

Well, by now this has gone global. We Finally meet the woman in that famous KISS photo! Wertheimer told me about tracking down Barbara and the exclusive feature in Vanity Fair about 6 months ago but swore me to secrecy! Another mystery solved!

Elvis Remembered: A Number Shared

Elvis Remembered: A Number Shared By Frank Murtaugh, Memphis Magazine It was a short, significant drive after the longest trip home of my life. After a year in Turin, Italy (where my parents had done research for their dissertations), my family had flown home to the States. Following a week on the Carolina coast and another in east Tennessee, we found ourselves at my grandmother’s home in Memphis. August here can be sweltering, but I have no memory of the heat on August 16, 1977. Thirty-four years later, though, I remember a short drive Dad and I made to a convenience store near my grandmother’s house in Central Gardens. (If not baseball cards, my prize was likely a slurpee of some kind.) When we pulled back into my grandmother’s driveway, Dad turned off the engine and told me something that shook my 8-year-old world: Elvis Presley was in the hospital. Dad had apparently heard a report on the radio. Unless it was “Hound Dog” or “Jailhouse Rock” playing, the radio distraction for a

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