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Dale Watson to open a retro Air BnB in Whitehaven

For Texas troubadour Dale Watson, Memphis has long been something of a second home — he’s recorded frequently at the historic Sun Studios, been a regular performer at Beale Street clubs, and drawn much inspiration from the city’s rich roots music history. “Memphis has always been a dear part of my life since I started coming in the '80s,” says Watson. “The place just rejuvenates me.” In the meantime, he’ll continue to split time between the Bluff City and his longtime Austin residence. “I’ve got a place in Austin, with a recording studio built up in the back. It’s a good property and it's home,” says Watson. “But Austin is changing quite a bit — it’s almost turning into a little San Francisco. It’s losing a lot of the roots that I loved. They’re tearing down all the cool places I used to play at and go to, so they can build condos. Breaks my heart to see it.” “I see a lot of growth in Memphis but they won’t necessarily tear down a building — usually they’ll (repurp