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Elvis Presley's Manager Colonel Tom Parker's home dismantled (VIDEO)

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – The historic home once owned by Elvis Presley’s manager is being taken apart piece by piece. Brian Oxley and his crew are working on the Madison home of Colonel Tom Parker. When he learned they wanted to put a car wash up, he knew people would want to keep the history of the home. “I’ve told my team, we’re all archaeologists, ya know? This is fun, we’re looking for clues, we’re trying to match pictures with the knots on the doors, where Elvis may have stood, but I think the number one thing more than archaeologists, I’m an anthropologist, which means I’m interested in people,” he told News 2. So crews are taking it apart and numbering every beam, floor board, and pine wall so it can be re-assembled somewhere else for a permanent Elvis Presley display. The famous singer would stay there when he was in Nashville. Photo by DAVID REDFERN, GETTY Images BIM - In other words, get ready to pay BIG BUCKS for pieces of doors and walls that Elvis

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Happy Birthday Lisa Marie Presley!

Happy Birthday Lisa Marie! Enjoy your day with those who matter MOST - FAMILY! We love YOU! TCB for Lisa Marie with TLC! Comment below to show Lisa your love!