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NJ News Source on False Priscilla Presley story

Below is a photo of SELF proclaimed cousin of Elvis Presley, "Thomas Presley" who was the source of the false story that Priscilla Presley was coming to Bayonne this past Saturday. Rather than own up to the false story, the Jersey Journal prefers to put the blame on Ms. Presley herself, calling her a NO Show. This has left fans & residents unjustly angry at the widow of Elvis Presley. Good journalists!  Just looking at this....well, as Elvis himself would say FREAK, I get angry! People like this make US Elvis fans look bad. It feeds into the stereotypical image of an Elvis fan. Question: Why would a PRESLEY family member sew a patch announcing he is an alleged Presley on his Hawaiian shirt? The Presley family does NOT present themselves this way! How could ANYONE especially a journalist think Priscilla Presley, one of the classiest women alive would have anything to do with the likes of this CHARACTER? It seems to be an intentional poke at Elvis fans! Printing a story lik