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Searching For The King Seance - LIVE from Tupelo

October 31, 2011 -   WOW Productions is hosting the "Searching For The King" Seance' and you can be there and see everything as it happens Live!!!! pre-register here today! The seance' will be streamed on line and all you do is click in your computer and watch it live. Pre-register today for only $10.00 but on October 31,2011, the registration will be $15.00. Register today and get the savings and a reserved spot Online. This is going to be a lot of fun and very exciting and who knows, just maybe he will show up!!! Don't miss the excitement and fun the evening of October 31, 2011 , Halloween night, as we go searching for the king, beginning at 10:00 PM United States Central time Zone live from Tupelo, Mississippi!