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Still The King starring Billy Ray Cyrus - Sneak Peek

Fans will get an exclusive "first look" at the highly anticipated forthcoming scripted comedy STILL THE KING when a special two-minute introductory piece to the series premieres during the finale of "Party Down South," Thursday, April 7 at 9pm ET/PT . Starring Billy Ray Cyrus and Joey Lauren Adams, "Still The King" premieres Sunday, June 12 at 9pm ET/PT. "Still The King" features Cyrus as Vernon Brown, AKA "Burnin' Vernon," a scandal-ridden washed up one-hit wonder who is kicked out of country music, only to emerge 20 years later as the second best Elvis impersonator. After crashing into an old country church outside of NASHVILLE during a drunken bender, he is sentenced to return and perform community service. Along the way, he pretends to be the congregation's new minister and discovers he has a 15-year-old daughter he's never met. In addition to Cyrus and Adams, "Still The King" stars Madison Iseman (&

Jason James - I've Been Drinkin More (VIDEO)

Check out Texas singer-songwriter Jason James. His music is true to traditional Country music yet rich with James' unique style. He's one to watch! From his bio: "The love that I have for traditional country music is like a mission to me," James affirms. "For me, there's never been any consideration of 'Well, if I change this, I might sell more records.' For me, it's always been all or nothing, and this is how I do it." The 13 original compositions that comprise Jason James make it clear that the artist is interested in making music that's timeless rather than retro, reflecting his interest in adding to country tradition rather than merely emulating it. Such catchy, impeccably crafted numbers as "Here Comes the Heartache," "I've Been Drinkin' More," "Back in My Arms" and "Fancy Limousine" have the ring of classic country songcraft, embodying the mix of swagger, sensitivity and