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Lisa Marie Presley is NOT back in Scientology

Recently, a tabloid reported that Lisa Marie Presley is back in Scientology . They have said that Priscilla and Riley are trying to push Lisa back into it. In my opinion, I doubt it. The church allegedly requires lots of money from it's followers. Lisa has NO MONEY. And that's from Lisa's own words. Leah Remini revealed on her A & E show about the church that she spent MILLIONS while involved with the church. At this time, Lisa doesn't have the ability to spend that kind of money between being bamboozled by the ex and business managers, as she herself has said in divorce filings. IF Lisa left Scientology, so did Priscilla and family, otherwise they could not be connected.  And we all know how close the Presley's are.  That ain't happening! So what IS happening? How could I find out .....I went the THE source, Tony Ortega .  I told Tony about the rumors that Lisa was back in Scientology and Tony exclusively told me, " L