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Other Celebrities with financial troubles similar to Lisa Marie Presley

The media is all abuzz about Lisa Marie's financial issues. Judging from the list below, Lisa is NOT alone! This happens to many celebrities. They PAY folks to MANAGE their money and trust those folks to do just that.  Have a look at the list below of   JUST A FEW others this has happened to, some big names. Recently, actor Johnny Depp believes he has been swindled in the Hollywood accounting shell game by his own business managers and lawyers . In a lawsuit filed today, the Pirates Of The Caribbean star is going after The Management Group for more than $25 million in a jury-seeking suit alleging fraud and several other claims. Pop star Rihanna filed a lawsuit against Berdon LLP in 2012 for mismanagement of funds, improper tax filing and keeping an unfair percentage of profits. She also blamed Berdon LLP for not letting her know she was losing money on her 2010 “Last Girl on Earth” tour. Berdon LLP fired back that it was the singer’s exorbitant spending habits t