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Lisa Marie Presley SCORES! Victory in court today!

DailyMail reports Lisa Marie left court smiling as LA judge denies Deadwood's demand for $40,000 a month in spousal support. Score One for Lisa!  He could be a car salesman. He could be a music teacher. But he doesn't seem to think he has an obligation to earn money, Lisa Marie's lawyer told the judge . Amen! He doesn't really want to be known as Michael The Moocher, Does he? While Lisa has provided very personal documents proving she is out of money, Lockwood claims she still receives $466,000 a month,$5.6 million a year from the trust Elvis set up for LISA MARIE Not THE MOOCHER! And think about this, would Lisa REALLY want to expose all this if it was not true?  Lisa has been married four times TOTAL and NONE have gone down this road . Lisa and Danny remained friends, raised their kids together. In fact, Danny was best man at Lisa and Deadwood's marriage ceremony in 2006. This is very telling! A Los Angeles judge denied her estranged h

Lisa Marie Presley's message to estranged husband

I have been saying this from the start, he needs to GET A JOB!  Lisa Marie should NOT have to support him ! And that's EXACTLY what Lisa Marie and her attorney told a judge today. He already allegedly spent ONE MILLION DOLLARS of HER money behind her back! Now he wants a post nup that he SIGNED TEN YEARS AGO voided ! He had no problem with it until Lisa shut off the credit cards and held him accountable! Warning ladies! Swipe LEFT if you see the likes of him on line! What a Mooch!