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Elvis Presley In Concert @ Mohegan Sun

James Burton Ron Feuer & Glen D. Hardin The Sweet Inspirations & The Imperials The original Guitar hero - James Burton! Glen D. & Nathan East The Imperials Nathan East , James Burton & Paul Liem on drums Brian's sister Karen & James Burton My Mom, Terry Blackwood & Me after the show Brian's girlfriend Giselle with James Burton Brian B, Joe Moscheo, my mom & I Well, it was a fantastic experience. The area was not sold out but pretty well packed. There were fans from all over the north east. It was great to see so many friends. The sound was good, the screens were very clear ( compared to the last time when the show played Foxwoods, the screens were awful). And the last time the show was to play Mohegan, they could not get the screens to work and the show was canceled. A member of the cast told me they all were abit concerned as they were working with some new technicians for the very first time. But everything w

Elvis Presley In Concert @ Radio City - It's Show Time!

We'll bring you complete details and photos tomorrow! Now it's time to enjoy the show with friends and family! Viva Elvis! The King is back in New York City!

Update On Jeff Burton From James

My Mom, James Burton, and me @ Mohegan Sun Saturday night after the show at Mohegan Sun, we had the chance to visit with James Burton. Among the things we talked about, I asked him how Jeff was doing. James said,"Jeff is doing just fine". And that the family really appreciates everyone's thoughts and prayers.

Elvis Presley In Concert 2011 Tour Book

Click on photos to enlarge The program still includes some cast members who were not part of the show including Myrna Smith, Sherman Andrus, and Ronnie Tutt. As you can see from the set list, there is hardly any footage from Elvis On Tour in the show.

Lisa Marie Presley Inspires Roseanne Barr To Move To Hawaii

Roseanne Barr was on the Oprah Winfrey show yesterday. She now lives in Hawaii on her nut farm. Roseanne fell in love with Hawaii when Lisa Marie Presley invited her to stay with her. Roseanne says she immediately fell in love and never left.