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Protesters sue Elvis Presley's Graceland

Five citizens denied entry to the annual candlelight vigil outside Graceland this past August are suing the city and Elvis Presley Enterprises for racial discrimination and civil rights violations. BIM - WTG! Cut your nose off to spite your face!  Scare tourists away! You'll show them! That will surely NOT help the issues in the city of Memphis! The federal lawsuit was filed Wednesday, Jan. 18, by Aaron Lewis, Keedran Franklin, Earle Fisher, Catherine Lewis and Charline Tramel. It seeks punitive damages of an unspecified amount, compensation for humiliation, embarrassment, emotional distress and mental anguish as well as an injunction barring such behavior in the future. BIM - Hey, Elvis fans who were scared and stressed by all this and even those who decided not to go because of this, SUE for your emotional stress! And for the EMBARRASSMENT brought on to the LEGACY of Elvis Presley who LOVED Memphis with all his heart and soul, whose LOYALTY to the city and it