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Ann Margret on her new film, Going in Style

Ann Margret and Zach Braff talk about their new movie, Going in Style with Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin Zach starts his Hollywood BS bringing up health care and then the reporter TRIES to go FAKE NEWS but Ann Margret shuts him DOWN!!! And ONLY Ann Margret can STAND UP to Hollywood NONSENSE!!! You go Girl! Just watch Ann Margret LAUGH off the Hollyweirdo! The reporter asks, and if this is not BIASED, my ass is licorice! "Do you know anyone who is affected by this travesty of an election" Ann Margret responds by saying, "In what way?" The reporter stammers and says, " by, by, by the whole Trump administration, the way things have turned out." Zach jumps in, but Ann Margret cuts him off and says, " I think everything is going to work out great"  You go girl! Elvis would be proud! Zach, of course has to be passive aggressive and says, " She's an optimism"  To which Ann cuts in, " Always