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Trial 4 killer of Security Guard @ Southland Mall on EP Blvd Continues

Here's another reason why the area around Graceland and Whitehaven needs major improvements. Imagine being a tourist who is unaware of the crime stats in the Graceland area, and you go up Elvis Presley Blvd to the Southland Mall to pick up something you forgot and you are in the middle of the scene above.In this video from last year, a 28 year old former Marine working as a security guard at the mall is shot dead in the middle of the afternoon. A young man who served our country, and protected citizens in the line of duty should not be dead at the age of 28. God Bless his family. The citizens and local businesses that have remained in Whitehaven also deserve a safe community. This is not to scare anyone away from traveling to Memphis but just to remind everyone that although we are vacation, we need to be aware of our surroundings at all times! Be careful when traveling to Memphis or anywhere. Do not assume because it's Elvis Week , you're safe! Complete story