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Elvis Presley's Memphis Mafia member Marty Lacker has passed away

Marty Lacker served as Elvis' Chief Personal Aide for 3 years according to Joe Esposito. Marty and Joe served as Presley's Co-Best Men at his wedding. Joe Esposito officiated as Chief Road Manager and Chief Personal Aide for almost 17 years. Joe passed away a few months ago, November of 2016. Marty passed away of Kidney Failure after being in and out of the hospital since December. Marty published a book in 1980 titled Elvis: Portrait of a Friend . The first half was Marty's story then you flipped the book over and the other half was his wife Patsy's story about life with Elvis. You can find this book on Amazon for as low as 10 cents if you haven't read it. Condolences to the family and all those that cared for him. You can click this link to watch Marty, Red, Sonny and Billy talking about their days with Elvis.  It is just under an hour.