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Lisa Marie Presley on Howard Stern - March 30, 2005 (VIDEO)

On this day in Howard Ster n History MARCH 30, 2005: LISA MARIE PRESLEY VISITS! The Stern Show got a visit from rock royalty when Lisa Marie Presley , daughter of Elvis Presley , dropped by to talk to Howard. Howard and Lisa discuss how the media twists issues. Before the camera is on, the reporter is so nice and once the camera is on, everything changes. They discuss Riley as a model, Michael Jackson, Nic Cage, Mike Edwards being a perv and Mama Bear Priscilla protecting her, marriage and more! Bobo calls in with some interesting questions and comments. Lisa admits Howard is better looking than Nic Cage! Lisa said Howard was sweet after the show. This was Lisa's last appearance on Stern. And she needs to return especially since Howard has become PC and soft. This is adult humor so if you are sensitive, you are warned!